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Euro tour 2024 on the way

Euro tour 2024 on the way
  • Europe 2024


    In a few weeks I'll start a new European tour!
    Everything is ready, 300 new tshirts and a thousand copies of my latest record "Alt-164" are waiting for me in France...

    For the first time, I'll be able to present my new theatrical version of Octopoulpe in Europe. I'm excited about it!

  • USA Tour 2023


    My next US tour is on the way!
    So excited about it! 

    See you soon!

  • ALT-164


    Available on Bandcamp all the streaming platforms, my new album "Alt-164" is finally out!

    Recorded in Mexico, mixed by Kurt Ballou at GodCity Studio, mastered by Francisco Sánchez.

  • The South American tour is coming!


    From March 8 to April 29 I'll be traveling in Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay, Brasil, Uruguay and Colombia!
    So excited about it, it's gonna be my very first time there!

    All the details will be in the "Next shows" section.

  • Some news for 2023


    Many things are coming this year!

    • The release my new album "Alt-164" in May
    • South American tour in March/April
    • Asian tour in June/July
    • US tour in October/November