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Geek-Core / Hardcore-Punk
with interactive videos

  • ALT-164


    Available on Bandcamp all the streaming platforms, my new album "Alt-164" is finally out!

    Recorded in Mexico, mixed by Kurt Ballou at GodCity Studio, mastered by Francisco Sánchez.

  • The South American tour is coming!


    From March 8 to April 29 I'll be traveling in Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay, Brasil, Uruguay and Colombia!
    So excited about it, it's gonna be my very first time there!

    All the details will be in the "Next shows" section.

  • Some news for 2023


    Many things are coming this year!

    • The release my new album "Alt-164" in May
    • South American tour in March/April
    • Asian tour in June/July
    • US tour in October/November
  • Euro Tour 2022 & new recording


    I recently started the recording on my 3rd album. Drums are done, guitars and bass should be recorded soon...

    From September 8 to November 11 I'll be on tour in Europe.
    I'm gonna play my very first shows ever in Portugal, so I'm quite excited about it.

    See you soon on the road!

  • Back from the US!


    After this amazing tour in North America, I'm back to Mexico city.
    A few pretty cool shows are coming!

    I'm also preparing a tour in Europe for September. 
    Stay tuned!

  • Soon on tour again!


    USA, here I come!
    I had to wait 2 years to finally be able to do this tour (have you heard about that small virus?), so I'm very excited about it!
    All details are in the "next shows" section.
  • Shows are back!


    Finally, many shows are on the way!
    The "Beach / Olas" tour is gonna start on November 5 in Manzanillo (MX) with a pre-tour show on the 4th in Guadalajara!

    All the shows are listed in the "Next shows" section (sounds quite obvious...)

  • New website


    Welcome to this brand new website!

    A legit question : In 2021, do I really need a website when everyone is already getting all the info (shows / releases) on social media?

    Well, YES... The main reason is the toilet section.
    4 years ago, I started rating toilets all around the world (mostly at the venues I played in) with some personal stickers.

    Some clean and happy people received a good rating.
    Some dirty and angry ones did not, and even complained, saying I under-estimated the quality of their bathroom.

    This section has been made to share your feeling about your rating.
    Happy? Sad?
    Wanna make a claim and invite me to rate your toilets again? Just let me know.