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Geek-Core / Hardcore-Punk
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  • Euro Tour 2022 & new recording


    I recently started the recording on my 3rd album. Drums are done, guitars and bass should be recorded soon...

    From September 8 to November 11 I'll be on tour in Europe.
    I'm gonna play my very first shows ever in Portugal, so I'm quite excited about it.

    See you soon on the road!

  • Back from the US!


    After this amazing tour in North America, I'm back to Mexico city.
    A few pretty cool shows are coming!

    I'm also preparing a tour in Europe for September. 
    Stay tuned!

  • Soon on tour again!


    USA, here I come!
    I had to wait 2 years to finally be able to do this tour (have you heard about that small virus?), so I'm very excited about it!
    All details are in the "next shows" section.
  • Shows are back!


    Finally, many shows are on the way!
    The "Beach / Olas" tour is gonna start on November 5 in Manzanillo (MX) with a pre-tour show on the 4th in Guadalajara!

    All the shows are listed in the "Next shows" section (sounds quite obvious...)

  • New website


    Welcome to this brand new website!

    A legit question : In 2021, do I really need a website when everyone is already getting all the info (shows / releases) on social media?

    Well, YES... The main reason is the toilet section.
    4 years ago, I started rating toilets all around the world (mostly at the venues I played in) with some personal stickers.

    Some clean and happy people received a good rating.
    Some dirty and angry ones did not, and even complained, saying I under-estimated the quality of their bathroom.

    This section has been made to share your feeling about your rating.
    Happy? Sad?
    Wanna make a claim and invite me to rate your toilets again? Just let me know.