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Toilet rating

Over the years, Octopoulpe rated toilets all around the world with a personal sticker, mostly at the venues he played in.

Cleanliness, cosiness, funny decoration, reading, smell, safety, Japanese bidet... Many criteria allow you to obtain a score out of 5.

Did he already visit yours?
Happy / Unhappy with the rating?
Did you make some improvements and want him to come back and give you a new rating?
Or do you just want people to know how clean and comfortable your toilets are?

Click on the "Share your experience" button, upload some pictures of your toilets and the sticker you received, then add a comment!


  • Alice R
    Salt Lake City (US)
    amazing, best shit i've ever taken
    Posted on 04.04.2022
  • TerryJoh
    South Korea
    Ze best
    4/5 (click to see the pictures)
    27 May 2017
    Posted on 01.03.2022
  • Emmanuel Molina Valenzuela
    Agua Prieta (MX)
    2/5 (click to see the pictures)
    I dont remember the exacly date
    Posted on 22.10.2021
    Local Art'ung
    Au plaisir de te voir revenir poser ta pĂȘche!!!!
    Posted on 17.08.2021
    Home after Brat Cave
    1.5/5 (click to see the pictures)
    July 2021
    Tu aurais ouvert la fenêtre tu aurais eu vu sur le jardin ensoleillé pendant ta petite affaire, et je suis sur que la note aurait été meilleure...
    Posted on 13.08.2021
  • Travis Tompkins
    Dallas, TX
    Tradewinds social club
    2.5/5 (click to see the pictures)
    Sept 2018
    This was a very generous rating for our toilet.
    Posted on 12.08.2021
  • gus
    Brasserie Ouroboros
    3.5/5 (click to see the pictures)
    May 2021
    Posted on 11.08.2021
  • Timea Vidovic
    Sered (SK)
    Namestie Slobody
    3/5 (click to see the pictures)
    Waiting for you soon and i want better rating !!
    Posted on 11.08.2021